Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brandon Bird Paint By Number & New Card Sets!

"It's one of the best paintings ever made. It's our generation's Mona Lisa." ~ Elizabeth J. "Beth" Smith

Beth has a very high opinion of Brandon Bird's painting, Bad Day on the High Seas. At one point she even considered getting a huge tattoo of it on her back. Before SquidWhale was a twinkle in our eye, there was this painting we found in a random Google search.  The rest is history.

So, when Brian told me about this new paint by number kit, I knew I had to buy it for Beth for Christmas.

Beth got to work tonight painting her very own version of Bad Day on the High Seas. She's mixing all of her own colors of gouache to work with. It's going to be bad ass. And, will have a place on our studio wall very soon. I promise we'll share when it's done.


Also, we're so excited about our new card sets!

French Costumes, Set of 5 different designs (only three of them are shown here)

The Turkey Red Collection, Set of 4 different designs (obviously all pictured)

They're available in the shop now and make a fantastic last minute holiday gift/stocking stuffer. The best thing is, they're festive, but not necessarily for the holidays. You can enjoy them year round!

Thanks for reading!

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